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Since 1995, 15년을 알고지낸 친구들과의 손발이 오그라드는 옛날 얘기들 하다 아빠 생신 지나가기 3분전에 들어와 TV 보시는 아빠 옆에서 혼자 노래부르고 촛불을 껐다...

그리고 오늘 아침에는 my grandmother was trying to wake me up early in the morning she she could kick me out of this place , her respecful church people were coming to my house ! i took 깜모 & 강이 outsde while my grandmommy was cleaning our house including my messy closet!  :) it's good to have church people being in my house so i can keep it  clean !

Decided to volunteer for young children by teaching any subjects, or english.
so many things are going on in my mind and tons of newspaper i haven't read yet, but i'm taking a effortless momment with 생강차  ㅎㅎ

- Keep writing in my blog , leave my thoughts as many as possible!
-specifying the ideas of apps
- 외대 수업 청강 스케줄 짜기
- OPIC class & 다른 회화 수업 커리큘럼
- work out!!! no more junk food & unbalanced life!!!
- oh..my ..credit card bills...
- water, vitamins to keep up with my immunue system


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