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사용자 삽입 이미지

" damm it, where do i find my Mr. right ? seriously"
" how should i loose my weights? ah..such a lot of money"
" Nepal..should i apply for this or not?"
" Obama's speech at my ears.. Doris Lessing's speech on Nobel Prize at my eyes..."
" 핸드폰 어쩌지..."
" 10:42 am.. and i'm already late for Brandon.. again.."

there were my thoughts in my head while i was on my way to tutor one of my students who i have been tutoring for 2 years i guess? ..almost.. yes.. one of my days in April..

정확하게. 4월 6일 ..일요일...

기억들, 생각들, 모습들, 요즘 계속 정말 미친듯이 지나가는 이 허무한 시간들 앞에서
날 조금 더 기억하기 위해서 메모를 자주 하게 된다..
잠 들기 너무 아까운 이 새벽들.. 시간들..

but if i don't go to sleep , i know i'll look like a zombie next morning..
there are so many things i want to try with all my enthsiasms and so many people i want to talk or communicate, so many books to read.. so many places to visit...  but my life is limited.
my time is limited, it seems like we call these successful people who could effectively manage their limited time, of course , with great financial environment...

Ah.. i took a cab from 신촌 to my house and i saw these beautiful, speechless night view of 한강.. they just.. took my breathe away ..away.. away.. even now, when i call back those scenes i saw last night, i become stifling and can't breathe at all.

why? why did i become stifling that easy? just by those scenes of 한강?
i don't know what's going with my mind lately, sometimes i feel so happy and
at the same moment, i feel so fruitless of everything...

i just can't articulate my feeling with right expressions..

just for now, let's say this is all becuase of me eating alone happnes a lot those days...
yeah, i think so.. 

then, will i be better if i eat with friends?.. "sigh"

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