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Transnational Management class, i took this class only becuase of Prof. Hyun,

  • encouraged by A+ from Principles of Business Management on last semester
  • lecutures are given in English so gading system are very flexible ...
  • hm... there should be more than these 2... 

Anyhow,  he led his students in an unique way, seminars , lectures , discussions, and etc... today i had a last class and i realized i didn't just learn how tansnational , global, international companies are doing what and why, but also the "Global Ethics" , the roles in global companies, being responsible for society, as they earn benefits from society.

As a customer, i personally think that if corporates  are highly recognized by customers for what they are doing good to make a better society, then it will naturally become a competition among the companies,  그럼 나도 기업의 신뢰도와 사회환원의 기여도를 따지면서 buy products and use services ...

교수님께서 를 알려주시면서 외대는 아직 SIFE 동아리가 없으니 같이 참여하자고  처음으로 나에게 의견을 물어보셨다.  Good Business Model 을 만들어내는 Global 창업 Competition 이다.  회사의 이윤창출과정이 사회의 목적과 맞아 떨어지는 모델을 만드는 것이다.  국내 대회에서 여름에 우승하면 가을에 독일에서 열리는 Internaiotnal Competition 으로 모델을 갖고 출전하게 된다

I never imagined i would be interested in so many areas, it sounds like a little lamb wandering around and wasting her time but 여기저기 찔러보는 나의 호기심과 이곳저곳 다 관심 두는 나의 눈동자들을 그리 원망하지 않는다.

불어와 영어를 공부한 나는 한국 사람들이 어떻게 라틴계 언어를 습득하는지, 지금 수업듣고 있는 언어 공부도 재밌고, 다큐멘터리를 즐겨보는 나는 신문방송학과 관련 수업을 들을 걸 그랬나 하는 생각도 든다... 지구 곳곳 에서 일어나고 있는 불공평한 가난과 정치에 관해서 취재를 하고 세계에 알리는 것도, 특히 지구온난화 때문에 자신이 태어난 땅을 떠나야 하는 섬나라 사람들도.. 사실 국회의원이 되거나 , 정치를 해서 사람들의 의견을 모아 우리나라가 개 식용 국가에서 벗어날수 있는 일도 하고싶었고, 돈을 정말 많이 벌어서 유기견들을 모아놓고 평생 키우면서 살고싶은 마음도 있고.. 하지만 돈을 많이 모은 다는 것은 기업윤리를 벗어날 수 밖에 없는, 내가 결국 하려는 것과 모순 적인 관계이기도 하다 ...

Thomas Pogge, Prof. in Yale University , author of Global Ethics 

"If you want to read about the most urgent ethical questions facing humanity, you should read about global ethics. And if you read only one book on global ethics, you should read this one. It is an unmatched collection of key essays by very influential authors, which provides a great service not just to academics and students but to a very important cause."
--Paula Casal, Reader in Moral and Political Philosophy, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Reading

"Thomas Pogge and Keith Horton have brought together in one affordable volume some of the most important writings on global ethics that contemporary political philosophy has to offer. Anyone who thinks about the interconnected problems of global poverty and tyrannical rule--whether as a scholar, citizen, or policymaker--will find great value in this collection."
--Arthur I. Applbaum, Professor of Ethics and Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"These important volumes succeed not only in providing a brilliantly selected collection of essays on global justice and global ethics but also, equally importantly, their trenchant introduction and organizational structure make plain why unjust global institutional arrangements are at the heart of the world's most pressing social and political challenges. These volumes should be of great interest not only to those in the political and philosophical academies but also to anyone committed to reducing global inequities in health and well being."
--Ruth Faden, Wagley Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Director, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics

Nice, i'd love to read this book!!! 
but before being excited about learning more about global ethics, i gotta finish my final first!!! 

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